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Retard VS Pink polo shirt

Posted by jesushelmet on September 21, 2007

Kanye vs 50

I thought it would be fun to listen to the new kanye and 50 cent albums and see which one was better… I dont know what I was thinking. I couldnt play them that loud incase someone I knew walked past the house and heard it, which would give them ammunition to tease me with for years. This turned out to be a good thing, the 50 is unlistenable. Awful beats, atrocious rhymes, but having said that my favourite part is the bit after tthe last track…. silence. Kanye has some alright beats but he raps like a retard, it would have sounded alot nicer with violent porn lyrics. I give kanye 1 out of 10 and 50 0 out of 10. So there you go thats my 2 cent.

After listening to this crap I was in a bad mood so I threw a rock through my neighbours window and signed my friends emails up to spam lists. Then I cried. 


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Dumdum just when I thought I could trust someone…

Posted by jesushelmet on September 18, 2007

“Who are you anyway, and where did you come from
Dumdum, just when I thought I could trust someone
The mask comes off, and your face fades away
You radiate eighty-eight full shades of gray” – Pants on Fire, Buck65

Ok time to get excited. Buck65 is dropping another LP. ‘Situation’ is due out on the 30th of October (yes thats soon). The first buck65 release I heard was vertex (97), on a 90 minute tape and it confused the hell out of me but I was intrigued.

At that stage I guess you could say my hip hop catalog was fairly commercial and hearing buck opened my eyes to the creative possiblilitys available in beats and rhymes (which are endless). As time went by Buck65’s style started to get a  slight country / folk / blues influence which suits his vocal delivery brilliantly.

I cant wait to hear the new album and from the one song available, Shutter Buggin’ it sounds like hes gone back to more of an old school beat sound.

Heres the clip for Pants on Fire, one of my favourites

And Cries a Girl live with pretty good sound quality

I’ve seen a couple of live shows which were good, at one of them he had a pocket full of glitter and whenever a good line was coming up he’d pull some out and throw it above him so it was raining glitter while he dropped the punchline. Made me laugh.

Also dont forget to download the FREE (yes i said free) digital EP from

Im going to go and hide now.

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The Instant Messengers

Posted by jesushelmet on September 16, 2007

Ok its my first post and its a review…well more of a recommendation. One of the best kept secrets of 2007. Dj Effective, Chesire, Cambo and Alexander are The Instant Messengers. Hailing from San Fransisco they are even more living proof if you need it that hip hop is not dead so buy their shit now and look really trendy in 6 months when everyone else wakes up to their dopeness. I’ve been listening to living legends stuff for years and came across these guys on the new grouch sampler.

Its on the verge of emo and the lyrics are very un-ghetto but the beats are dope, sample based with a 90s golden era vibe, and the rhymes are on point, with the same feel as some of the definitive jux stuff, No false bravado just hilarious word play and introspective story telling these guys work great together and I sense this crew blowing up in the future. I guess one way of describing their style is half way between atmosphere and slow suicide stimulus (if that means anything to you)

Here they are dropping some freestyles

And here is a bizzare promo video for their album launch

They have an album out called Kill the Image which you can buy from The Grouch’s online store here. (and while your there get the Beans and Rice Sampler ’07). Apparently a 5 track EP was released before this album but I have no idea how to get my hands on a copy.

My current favourite off this release is ‘Stand Strong’, nice slide guitar, horns, piano and sped up vocal cut backing a sad story about family relationships. Other bangers are ‘Haunted’,’She Loves Bullets’,’Flawless Taste’…. ok its full of bangers. so go hit up their myspace.

On a sidenote I am very excited to hear anything new from The Grouch. It sounds like hes embracing the whole hyphy sound (or is he just playing?) and he suits it. Best of luck, but I dont understand why you got a girl to sing the chorus in the remix of simple man!

Peace insideout.

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