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Retard VS Pink polo shirt

Posted by jesushelmet on September 21, 2007

Kanye vs 50

I thought it would be fun to listen to the new kanye and 50 cent albums and see which one was better… I dont know what I was thinking. I couldnt play them that loud incase someone I knew walked past the house and heard it, which would give them ammunition to tease me with for years. This turned out to be a good thing, the 50 is unlistenable. Awful beats, atrocious rhymes, but having said that my favourite part is the bit after tthe last track…. silence. Kanye has some alright beats but he raps like a retard, it would have sounded alot nicer with violent porn lyrics. I give kanye 1 out of 10 and 50 0 out of 10. So there you go thats my 2 cent.

After listening to this crap I was in a bad mood so I threw a rock through my neighbours window and signed my friends emails up to spam lists. Then I cried. 


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