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Dumdum just when I thought I could trust someone…

Posted by jesushelmet on September 18, 2007

“Who are you anyway, and where did you come from
Dumdum, just when I thought I could trust someone
The mask comes off, and your face fades away
You radiate eighty-eight full shades of gray” – Pants on Fire, Buck65

Ok time to get excited. Buck65 is dropping another LP. ‘Situation’ is due out on the 30th of October (yes thats soon). The first buck65 release I heard was vertex (97), on a 90 minute tape and it confused the hell out of me but I was intrigued.

At that stage I guess you could say my hip hop catalog was fairly commercial and hearing buck opened my eyes to the creative possiblilitys available in beats and rhymes (which are endless). As time went by Buck65’s style started to get a  slight country / folk / blues influence which suits his vocal delivery brilliantly.

I cant wait to hear the new album and from the one song available, Shutter Buggin’ it sounds like hes gone back to more of an old school beat sound.

Heres the clip for Pants on Fire, one of my favourites

And Cries a Girl live with pretty good sound quality

I’ve seen a couple of live shows which were good, at one of them he had a pocket full of glitter and whenever a good line was coming up he’d pull some out and throw it above him so it was raining glitter while he dropped the punchline. Made me laugh.

Also dont forget to download the FREE (yes i said free) digital EP from

Im going to go and hide now.


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